Entry #5


2017-04-24 17:03:31 by SakuraNekoGamer


GAH! I am sitting here. I have been sitting here for a whole hour... LOOKING AT A BLANK PIECE OF PAPERR!!! ;-;

I really am not good with ideas... You guys got any? I kinda want an idea, with my character Jack Lychoniuz in it, you might know him, if you are the really small amount of people who likes my art... ;-;

And, if not, the drawing at the bottom is Jack..

So... Got any ideas? Do I needa do like, a thing where I explain more about him? .-.


  •   He's based on... Nobody. All by meh. O3O
  •  He actually has two different color eyes, one blue, and one red. That's the main reason for his hairstyle, because of teasing, and people being afraid of him because of his red eye. (I feel bad for him!!! ;-;)
  • He is actually 0.99% shadow spirit... That explains the eye... But, the other 99.01% is human.
  • (Rather... Morbid warning... .-.) Oh yeah, he watched his mother and older brother get slaughtered, and nearly killed by the same girl....... But, his older sister saved his life, pretty much... .-. (Buuut that girl is still after him..... Oh yeah, and that girl is Shock. .-.)
  • Normally insecure, feels that he is too big of a coward..
  • Kinda shy..... But still social..
  • ALWAYS puts others before himself.
  • Can't swim... .-.
  • Actually normally would never hurt a fly.. But that's where the issue comes in, because, I mean, then there's Shock, a creepy murderous killer, who for some reason WHICH I  WILL EXPLAIN LATER, wants to kill Jack... So... That's an issue. .-.
  • Although he wouldn't hurt anyone, he is armed with 3 mini grenades..... But used 2. .-.

You know, I think I might do a Q&A with this guy... Not that he'll get many questions, cuz i'm not popular. .-.


Comment a question for him! And I'll try to respond back as him!!

Bai 4 noww!!!



This is Jack... .-.


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2017-04-24 17:32:41

Where's his dad at?

SakuraNekoGamer responds:

His dad died in a car accident... I'm going to explain more about it later, because it goes with both Jack's backstory, and Shock's backstory.


2017-04-24 19:58:25


SakuraNekoGamer responds:


(Why did u say wot .-.)